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Search Engine Optimization For Dummies

Wednesday, January 6, 2010 ·

Given the vastness of the world wide web and the infinite number of web pages, it is easy to see the importance of ranking high on search engine return pages (SERPs). In an ideal world, the best webpage which contains a wealth of accurate content, helpful links and nice pictures to boot would be at the top.

However, the world of the web is less than ideal. Many businesses will, happily, pay large sums of money to SEO experts expecting a high ranking. If the business is able to keep the competitors at bay and the return on investment (ROI) is large enough, then the price is justified, and rightly so.

But, what about the smaller businesses; the ones that are unable to pay for their own SEO experts? Can there really be such a thing as search engine optimization for dummies? By the way, that is just a term; no offense intended!

The short answer is yes, but it will require time and effort. The first and most important task is to have accurate and relevant content. The use of keywords is extremely important, as well. Search engines use spiders to crawl webpages and they index or rank them according to their content and the use of keywords. Assume for a moment, that the webpage is about golf. Golf would definitely be a keyword, but so could tees, drivers, fairways, bogey, etc. Keywords should be used in the title and, thoughtfully, throughout the rest of the page. However, be wary of using keywords too many times and do not use keywords that are irrelevant, such as bowling. The page should feel natural when it is being read. If it does not, then the use of keywords needs to be adjusted.

Once the webpage is well written with entertaining and accurate content, it may be submitted to search engines. This can be done by checking with the individual search engines, such as Yahoo, Google and others. Typically, larger search engines will automatically submit to their network of smaller search engines. There are businesses that will submit for you, but it is relatively easy to do.

Before or after the initial submission, links should be exchanged with other sites. For example, the golf webpage could find sites that are related and relevant to link to such as golf equipment sites, golf clothing sites and such. These sites can be contacted and, in return, they will post a link to the golf website. Link exchanges may be used, as well as social networking sites. Is there an employee or friend who blogs frequently about golf or sports, in general? Link your site to the blog. Search engine optimization for dummies is less about the technical processes and more about creativity and ingenuity, so get started and watch the ranking rise!

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